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Stotfold and the Watermill

I'm currently uploading and sharing the images that feature on my 2021 calendars, with notes about what inspired me to paint them. These are the images and notes for June:

This painting was commissioned earlier this year, by a lovely couple who used to live in Stotfold near the Watermill, and enjoyed the annual Steam Fairs and exploring the Nature Reserve along the meandering river.

I have never been to the Steam Fair, but have on occasion queued in traffic behind the engines! This summer things were quieter there but I was able to visit with my sketchbook and even managed a quick paddle

I was asked to include the black squirrel (which are quite well known locally) and the albino squirrel (a much lesser spotted garden visitor). I'm not sure why the recovery truck - except that Saunders is a local business and their yellow vehicles are often spotted on nearby roads, (they had their fleet out in convoy beeping and flashing through the town while we were all out clapping for the NHS).

Lots to include, but a lovely composition which I really enjoyed painting.

GW: "I just wanted to say how pleased we are with the painting. It is now up on the wall and looks fantastic in our living room. Many thanks for your efforts, it has everything we loved about Stotfold in and more."

I have also included photos of the painting in situ, in a frame made by the client himself (out of a recycled oak bench) and photos from my visit (post sketch/pre paddle)



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