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Herts Affordable Art Fair

Thrilled to be a part of this latest Herts Visual Arts fair:

Extract Taken from the HVA website:


This new exhibition was borne to provide an opportunity for HVA members to showcase their work in North Herts.Artists with different disciplines came together earlier this year with the idea of finding an affordable way to bring art to the general public. Sharon Korek, Sandy Andrews, Hillary Taylor, Laura Dunmow and Sally Taylor met regularly to plan the details.

"We wanted to bring art into North Hertfordshire" explains Sally a textile artist and illustrator, "we wanted a venue with enough space for 30 or so artists in Hitchin to take advantage of the Hitchin Festival that was already attracting a lot of visitors."With exactly the right experience in this team, an invitation was sent to members to see if there was any interest. "We were blown away by the support we were shown by other members", said glass artists Sharon, "so it was full steam ahead!".With the marketing put together by representational artist Laura and the display stands by visual artists Sandy, the new Herts Affordable Art Fair was borne."This event has all the hallmarks of something which can be replicated each year", Vice Chair Hillary confirms, "it is very exciting to have a committed group of HVA members create something that will benefit other members too.

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